How to replace Aqualung Slingshot Straps and Buckles

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DoneI will do this post in English to somewhat increase it potential audience. I write it mainly though because like with many things, the next time I need to do it, I will probably have forgotten how I did it this time.

I bought a replacement set of Aqualung Slingshot Straps and Buckles. They use springs and are expected to be more durable than the original ones. However they also look much cooler than the original ones, so I decided to make them my main straps and use the original ones as spares. This comes in handy because the whole family uses Aqualung fins and the all can use the same straps.

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Original straps Replacement strap On the left you see the original strap attached to my Aqualung Slingshot and below it the replacement strap, also from Aqualung.
Step 1 You will need to remove the original strap first. Make sure it faces up, squeeze the bottom part of the strap and push down. It might take a while before it says “click”. One of my straps had a small grain of sand (Shinaria or Souda) wedged into the inside of the bottom part of the strap. I had to use a small screwdriver to get it out before the strap would unbuckle.
Step 2 The fin without strap
Step 3 The replacement strap that I bought can be adjusted for size. It is described in the instructions on the packaging, but it puzzled me for a while. It says “press on the central logo” giving me the impression that it was some kind of button. It is not. You need to, gently, press that logo inside of the rubber housing so that you can slide the strap to the left or the right.

You will probably want to click on the picture to see it in full size.

Once you’ve done that, you see a black pin at the end of the spring. There is one on each side. Lift it up gently (I used a screwdriver) and then move it to a different hole so that the strap gets bigger of smaller. Keep in mind that it is a spring. While putting the fin on you will most likely give it a thorough pull to get it over your heel. After that it still needs to be tight enough, but not uncomfortable.

Once you’ve done that on both side, you can attach the strap to the fin.

Step 4 I tried attaching the strap using just my hands. I am probably not strong enough or the attachment is just to small. Either way, I ended up using a hammer.

Be gentle! One or two precisely aimed hits with the hammer should lock the strap into place. Make sure the strap can face down (use the edge of the table) and make sure you hit it under a straight angle

Done Done! Now doesn’t that look much better than the original one?

If you know how to do it, it takes you about 10 minutes to replace them.