Mooi: Orka’s op de GoPro

Mooi toch?

Nee, geen video van mij, maar van de Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Ze hadden de GoPro achter hun boot gehangen en de orka’s waren zo te zien duidelijk nieuwsgierig.

De tekst op YouTube met toelichting:

We had an incredible encounter with Bigg’s Killer Whales today! What started out as a traveling group of possibly two family pods, turned in to a very up close encounter. As the group crossed the outer bay, the juveniles started to get curious about our vessel as we watched them travel. The first few passes were very brief, but we decided to try the camera towed behind the boat. The juveniles LOVED IT. You can see in the final clips that they are nudging it with their rostrum and even show their teeth a few times. These whales chose to investigate the camera on their own – showing off their intelligence and grace. Video by Katlyn Taylor.

(getipt door CNET)